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Candidate Testimonials

"I have had the pleasure of working with Donnie over the years. On a number of occasions the timing was just not right for the position he was working on and my career goals. However, this last combination of company, timing and industry knowledge brought the perfect role! I would recommend Donnie to any professional currently searching for a new role. And, definitely recommend keeping in touch for future opportunities."

Territory Solutions Specialist,
Global Telephone Service Provider

"Donnie contacted me as part of a search process for an open position at Saba. He was thoroughly professional, anticipated my questions and negotiated a business relationship satisfactory to both sides. He remained involved well beyond the time when he could have walked away and I came to depend on him as a trusted advisor. I'd be happy to work with Donnie again at any time."

Director of Government Sales,
E-learning Company

"I've had the pleasure of working with Donnie on at least three different occasions during my career over the past 12 to 15 years. The thing I like most is that Donnie adapts to all situations, whether they require persistence, patience, out-of-the-box creativity, tough negotiations, or brainstorming. He's great at understand the needs of both the candidate and employer and simply finds a way to make things work well for both sides. Finally, I give high marks to Donnie for his integrity and, regardless of the circumstances; he's always providing very responsive feedback."

Federal Government Sales Director,
Technology Company

"Donnie Fox is one of the greatest recruiters that I have ever had the pleasure of talking to, working with and using during my 20 year career in technology. He understands the business structure and model, has been a successful participant in the marketplace and knows what he is looking for in a candidate and company match. He has placed me three times and I have used him twice...all were professional, profitable and extremely successful. It is rare to keep in touch with a recruiter after you have worked with them, but Donnie became a trusted consultant and friend. It is a privilege and honor to recommend Donnie to anyone looking for the perfect match-maker in the business world. I trust my career to Donnie's capable hands. You should too!"

Regional Sales Manager,
Video Conferencing Company

"Donnie is a matchmaker. He takes talent and matches it to an organization and vice-versa. He worked with me to get me presented to Polycom. Once I was placed, he kept in touch with me to see how the fit was. He took the time to learn me and each time he and I have talked over the years I am reminded of what a craftsman he is."

Regional Sales Manager,
Cisco Systems